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How to Make “Easy Readers”

My two year old daughter loves books, and tries to read them to me.  It’s adorable, and funny, and exciting that she is so into it.  My son however, is less interested in reading.  He’ll let me read to him at bed time, but at other times throughout the day, he’d rather be doing anything […] Read more…

cutting the cost of having a baby title

Cutting the Cost of Having Babies: Part 2

This post is part two of a post from 2015.   If you’re interested in reading that first, please click here So, you’re pregnant… again.  Or maybe just still pregnant… Let me high five/ fist bump/ belly bump you. I’m so excited for your growing family, and I have more ideas to help ya’ll get through this […] Read more…


Autumn Kale, Apple and Quinoa Salad

I am a recipe hunter.  Yes, I have cookbooks and research fun recipes.  But my favorite recipes come from people I know.  Whose yummy treats I’ve tried. I will hunt your recipe for YEARS if I love it enough.  I am still trying to squeeze a cole slaw recipe out of a girl from 2009.  […] Read more…


Having Thankful Hearts

For some reason, I’m at a stage in my life where I want to make the most of every holiday.  This is largely because I’m married with children, and the responsibility of decorating for and teaching about the holiday falls mostly on me. So in response, I find myself always keeping an eye out for […] Read more…

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I Heart Potty Training

I know I seem silly for saying this.  Mainly because, how could anyone ever love the time in parenting where your sole job is to get their stuff in the toilet.  But I do… I Love Potty Training I have now potty trained two children.  Two people have learned the most polite thing you can […] Read more…

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