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strands of acorn garland

Easy & Versatile DIY Acorn Garland

We have an oak tree in the front yard that makes THE BEST acorns.  They are big and fat and they all have those little “hats.” It’s like Pinterest is raining down crafty opportunities in my front yard. I’ve been gathering the acorns for weeks now…buckets of them…all in anticipation of making my very own acorn […] Read more…

cutting the cost of babies title

Cutting the Cost of Having Babies

  So, you’re pregnant. Congratulations! If you’re anything like me, then you have this wonderful sense of excitement about your new bundle of joy, followed by nervousness and fear of how much it will cost to have a baby. “Wait, don’t you have insurance?” Is the question I usually get. Yes. Yes, I do have […] Read more…

How to make beautiful pinecone garland

How To Make Pinecone Garland!

Y’all, I use pinecones like they’re going out of style. There is just something so wonderful and simple and seasonal about a good ‘ol pinecone.  You will find them all over my house right now…in the form of pinecone homeschool crafts, scented pinecones, pinecone toothbrushes – just kidding! – and beautiful pinecone Christmas garland! So […] Read more…

On Hospitality: Loving Your Guests

On Hospitality: Loving Your Guests

‘Tis the season for all sorts of things… …filling my home with a wide assortment of pinecone crafts. …using cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves like it’s going out of style. …taking a break from homeschooling and just taking it easy with my kiddos.  (my favorite!) …and hosting! The holidays are full of gatherings!  Formal, informal, […] Read more…

Hospitality - everyone sitting around the dinner table

On Hospitality: Make It Fun!

For the longest time, the thought of hosting dinners made me sweat a little. My biggest fear was that someone would leave our home unsatisfied…with the food, with the look of my home, with me. But that’s because I wasn’t really understanding my guest. I was assuming that what our guests were hoping to gain […] Read more…

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