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A Time For Silence

A Time To Be Silent

There is a major highway in Houston called the Sam Houston Parkway.  It’s a giant loop that goes all the way around the city.  Seriously, it’s gigantic. On a map, the highway looks like a rounded square with downtown Houston in the very center.  Nice and neat and symmetrical.  But zoom in to real life […] Read more…

Love Believes All Things

The Perfect Man

Our newest team member, Merri Gamble, has shared some of her experience from being married for several decades!  Enjoy! “Perfect” – adj. 1.  conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type When you look at your husband, or think of him, or speak of him – what goes through your mind?  Does it […] Read more…

My kid doesn't like going to church

My Kid Doesn’t Like Going To Church

I have this precious, lovable, teachable 5-year-old. He loves outer space. He loves bad weather. He loves to draw. He loves the great hero stories of the Bible. But he does not like going to church. Every Sunday it’s the same old song.  Actually, let’s back up a bit.  Every Saturday it’s the same old […] Read more…

cutting the cost of having a baby title

Cutting the Cost of Having Babies: Part 2

This post is part two of a post from 2015.   If you’re interested in reading that first, please click here So, you’re pregnant… again.  Or maybe just still pregnant… Let me high five/ fist bump/ belly bump you. I’m so excited for your growing family, and I have more ideas to help ya’ll get through this […] Read more…


Having Thankful Hearts

For some reason, I’m at a stage in my life where I want to make the most of every holiday.  This is largely because I’m married with children, and the responsibility of decorating for and teaching about the holiday falls mostly on me. So in response, I find myself always keeping an eye out for […] Read more…

Potty Training Title

I Heart Potty Training

I know I seem silly for saying this.  Mainly because, how could anyone ever love the time in parenting where your sole job is to get their stuff in the toilet.  But I do… I Love Potty Training I have now potty trained two children.  Two people have learned the most polite thing you can […] Read more…

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