Fighting Back Against Spring Fevers

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I grew up along the Gulf Coast.  It was beautiful and sometimes super hot.  At Christmas time we almost always were wearing our mosquito spray, but something I never experienced in growing up there, were spring allergies.  We had pollen, yes, and I’m sure I had a runny nose from time to time, but I cannot remember suffering, from spring allergies with things like sinus infections, constant headaches, chest colds… you get the point.

Living in Montgomery, Alabama, however, this is a completely different story.  The spring of my first year in Montgomery, I suffered from headaches almost every day for 2 months.  Once sending me to the hospital beause of the intensity.  When I am pregnant, my body is even more pathetic at responding to the layers and layers of pollen that fall every day and in the past 3 years I’ve had 6 cases of pink eye, multiple ear infections, sinus infections and chest congestion so strong I’ve had to go to the ER in the middle of the night, and more!

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My oldest child thankfully, has had minimal allergy problems, however my youngest just in the last 3 weeks has had 3 cases of, what I’m now assuming, is pink eye caused by allergies.  (I only assume this because, pink eye from allergies is not contagious and as a two year old, no one else outside of her has gotten this. Plus from what I understand, pink eye caused by allergies cannot be helped with medicine, which would explain the fact that it just wont go away. 

I could be on amoxicillian constantly, or have a continual stream of erithromyacin paste going into my eye, but instead, this year, I’ve taken a different approach to helping my body and my family get through this rough allergy season… I’ve gone the natural approach.

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I’m sure, there are beyond a ZILLION ways to naturally treat allergies.  In fact I’d bet money on it.  However, the remedies I’m suggesting are the only things I’ve been able to try personally over the last 4 months to a year, and have really been thankful for the results.

Natural Allergy Remedies

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Lemon water: great for killing bacteria in your throat, it helps to keep soreness away.  My kids love it, so it’s become a regular thing they drink, and it helps them as well.


Lemon Juice + Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey: This has been magic for me.  My mom recommended it several months ago, and anytime I get drainage in my throat, I mix 1 tablespoon to 2 tablespoons of each in a glass and CHUG IT.  Your body language after drinking this is much like someone who takes their first shot of whiskey, but woo hoo, will it help your throat!  I’ll drink this sometimes twice a day and I’ve found that fresh lemon juice is tastier than concentrated, although both work for me.  And make sure to get the apple cider vinegar that says “with the mother” on it.


Nettie Pot:  Yes, this is a gross contraption, and really it has taken me a long time to come around to it.  But if I stay on top of my runny nose, and at the start of allergy season use it a few times a week, increasing it if I get ANY congestion, I find I have little to no infections.  If I do get a sinus infection, I’ll use it at double strength twice a day.  it’s one of those things, that doesn’t feel great the first day or two you’re using it because you are adding more pressure to an already pressure full sinus, but man it is great.  My dad uses straight up salt in his, which is really way to much for me, but if you can do it go for it.  Make sure to use purified or distilled water only!  Oh, and if you don’t have a Nettie pot, do what my dad does and get a water bottle with a squirt bottle top.  It… blasts away,… the stuff. Gross.  But again, you’re body will thank you.

Also, if I’m done running the warm saline water through my nose and I have some left, I’ll gargle the rest to keep my throat clean. 


Probiotics: We do a lot of probiotics in my house.  It’s just one of those things that has become a part of our year round, every day routine.  Mostly we all take just one probiotic a day, I split the kid’s probiotic into their milk in the morning, but if someone gets a cold, I double up for them. One in the morning and one at night.  I also, for family gut health, have been making yogurt for the past 2-3 years.   All of this has helped our bodies fight off any allergy guck.

If your interested in making your own yogurt, read this post!



Emergen-C:  I know a lot of people who take this, but I’ve just never been one of them. A few weeks ago, however, when I was sitting with my doctor giving him an update about my sinus’ I was communicating how sometimes I just feel like my immune system takes a break and I can help it a little, but I haven’t been able to get over colds as quickly as I’d like… and then I wrestle with sinus stuff.  He recommended Emergen-C and said I could take it up to 3 times a day. So, when I get that stuffy nose and those gross sneezes, I start throwing back the Emergen-C.  It has been that last piece of the spring fever puzzle has really helped me get over my allergy cold crud.  I’ve loved it.

Every spring, the pollen comes in full force, and it feels like it gets worse year after year.  But I’m not going to take it any more.  I’ve got my legion of natural helpers that are safe for my body and effective for those allergies.  We can win this battle!

How do you fight spring allergies?  I’d love to hear YOUR ideas!

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  1. John Smith
    April 1, 2017 at 7:05 am (11 months ago)

    Always glad to help out.

  2. Heather Richman
    April 1, 2017 at 11:01 am (11 months ago)

    Check out adding oil of oregano to your Neti. I had a friend tell me about it so I googled it. It is strong but cleans out the gunk. Can be found at any health for store or through your friendly DoTerra representative.


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