An Easter Craft To Do With Your Kids: The Empty Tomb

Easter craft ideas

For a Christian, Easter is the biggest celebration of the year.  It is the day that we proclaim Jesus as the Risen Savior…which means that He is who He says He is AND He has secured our future resurrection due to His own.  There is no greater celebration and no greater joy.

To involve my children in the celebration of Easter, we built an empty tomb and angel.  It is the centerpiece of our mantel during the Easter season!  They are proud to proclaim their risen Savior through the displaying of their precious handiwork.

Easter craft empty tomb

Here’s how you make yours:

Craft: Empty Tomb and Angel


For the tomb:

  • 2 foam plates
  • spray glue, scissors
  • white and gray crayons
  • gray and green paint, paint brushes
  • 1 brass brad
  • small piece of white poster board
  • black construction paper

For the angel:

  • thin paper plate
  • scissors, tape, spray glue, stapler
  • napkins
  • colorful paper, Sharpie
  • silver glitter

Tomb Instructions:

  1. Cut the bottoms off both paper plates and then spray glue them together so that they can stand up.  Cut a door in the front of the tomb.
    Making a paper plate angel
    Making a paper plate tomb
  2. Paint the front of the tomb gray.  We painted some green grass at the bottom, and then we glued real grass on top of the green paint!
    Painting paper plates
    Painting paper plates
    Painting paper plates
  3. On a piece of black construction paper that is cut in a half circle a little smaller than the paper plate, write the words “He is Risen!” in white crayon.  Line the back “wall” of the tomb with the piece of paper.
    Foam plate craft
    Foam plate craft
  4. Once the paint is dry, cut out a circular “stone” out of poster board, color it gray, and attach it to the tomb with a brad.  When you roll the stone away, you can see the words “He is Risen” written inside the tomb!
    Easter craft

Angel Instructions:

  1. Draw a line across the middle of a thin paper plate.  On the top half, draw the angel template shown below.  Cut across the line to cut the plate in half.
    Paper plate angel
  2. Using the blank half of the plate, make a cone and staple it together.  Make sure that it can stand up.
    Easter angel craft
  3. Carefully cut out the angel template.
    Paper plate angel craft
  4. Use the torso flap to connect the angel into the top of the cone dress.  Once secured by tape, I also taped a popsicle stick down the back so that it would stand up straight.
    Paper plate angel
    Easter craft
  5. Coat the front of the angel with spray glue and then sprinkle with silver glitter.  (This is the kids’ favorite part!)
    Easter craft
    Glitter angel craft
  6. Make a tiny scroll using some bright construction paper and write “Jesus is Alive!” and trim the hem of the dress with some sparkly blue tinsel.  Glue the scroll to the angel’s hands.
    Glitter angel

Display your angel alongside the empty tomb!

Angel and emtpy tomb craft

I love what we made!  It’s a beautifully childish way of proclaiming the wonder and miracle of Easter.

Easter craft angel and emtpy tomb

What activities do you do with your children to keep Easter Jesus-focused?

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Hi, my name is Lauren. I am the wife of one fine man and the momma of four (huge) young children – three boys and one princess! I love all of them. I mostly clean up messes and feed people all day, and it’s really fun to write about it. Jesus is the rock of my family – we love and serve a mighty King! I hope you leave here full of hope that “tired” can be good.

2 Comments on An Easter Craft To Do With Your Kids: The Empty Tomb

  1. Frank Hurtte
    April 14, 2017 at 9:44 am (2 years ago)

    Great Angel project. I really like. I plan to save this for next year when our Rhett Ridge is 2 and can be more involved.

    Have a Blessed Easter Down South in Texas…

  2. Luciana
    April 15, 2017 at 9:55 pm (2 years ago)

    I do love this craft idea….so Chrost centered (instead of eggs and bunnies, cute but they do not point to the Christian meaning of Easter)
    I would like to remember it next year…
    Thank you Lauren. Happy easter!


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